Thursday, December 9, 2010


Written By: Aamina Ahmed

I heard a guffaw from behind a tree,
Maybe it was you,but I din't see.

Your sweet fragrance passed by me,
Maybe it was you,but I din't see.

I wanted to know who it was,
Maybe it was you,the one I had lost.

You used to be with me every minute,every second,
But now you sparkle in the sky as a star,like a diamond.

The guffaw ,the fragrance,makes me remember,
Of all the days we had spent together.

You used to hold my hand,but now you recede,
Why does it happens only with me?

Your leaving this world has put me in affliction,
Now I need only you to give me affection.

Come back and console me,come back and mollify me,
Now only you are left to satisfy me.

Without you I pass my every day sorrowfully,
And I still can't believe that you left me so happily.

You are the only one who purvey me love,
You are the only one who can be compared to a dove.

Were you so keen to leave this world,
That you left me alone without saying a word?

I used to be jovial on with you,
But now I feel sorrow when I think of you.

Without you my life is so insecure,
You are the only one who can have the affliction inside me cured.

Now I can never see you in reality,but only in dreams,
And when I think of you,my eyes get flooded with tearful streams.

Whenever I was with you, you gave me pleasure,
Your love for me was so much,that it can't be measured.

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