Saturday, June 20, 2009

Interview with Natasha.

Natasha Torkildsen

NAME: Natasha Torkildsen
DOB: 29 Feb
STAR: Pisces
CITY: Lahore
PROFESSION: Singer, Graphic Designer, NLE, TV Host. 

Natasha Torkildsen is one of the most outstanding up coming talent in the pakistani music industry. Blessed with a melodious voice and a nice personality she burst onto the music scene with her first video "Bao Jee" which was an instant hit. Apart from being a Singer Natasha is a TV Host, a Non Linear Editor as well as a graphic designer. She has also appeared in a TV play for the Indus Channel. her second song "Sapno Ma Aao Na" was one of the geratest hits of pakistani pop music and registered her name in the music field and from there on words there is no looking back. St to release her first album here is an exclusive interview for smash readers of this young pop sensation of Pakistan.
Q: Did you ever want to be a singer?

Well when I was studying in school I used to sing in school choir but , I had not in my wildest of dreams thought that i would become a pop singer.

Q: How did you choose this field as your career?

I did a TV show " Akailay Na Gana" , the philosophy of the show was to promote new talent and I used to see alot of singers good and bad i always used to give my opinion. The producer of the program was my brother in law he and one of my family friend encouraged me to take up music so I joined a band " Feesaut" and then afterwords i went solo and now here I am.
Q: What was the reaction of your family?

Well I have been lucky in this respect that I have always received encouragement from my family and friends.

Q: What were the problems you faced in this field?

Again I have been lucky in this respect that I was already in media so I did not have to face any problem.

Q: Has being a celebrity changed the way you interact with people?

If being successful means a person has to change his attitude then something is wrong with that person. I am the same as I was before and I love my family and friends.

Q: Are you doing any TV shows recently?

No currently I am only focused on singing and looking forward to launch my first album which is ready for release and will be released with two new videos.

Q: How does it feel, standing where you are right now?

Well its a bag of mixed emotions there are some positives as well as some negatives but still I have to achieve more.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Only God knows better but yes hopefully even more successful.

Q: Any message to the readers of SMASH?

Well all I have to say to the readers of smash is that follow your dreams because you have the power to make them come true and keep on reading smash beca
use it is Smashing.

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